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This website is dedicated to the memory of a true high voltage pioneer Mr. James R. Booker, P.E. who assembled the Corona Technology Course from his experiences during 30 years working in the electric power industry as an electric utility test engineer including outdoor high voltage test lab testing of many bucket trucks, insulators, conductor bundles configurations, field testing and test equipment development. Jim was a real friend and will be dearly missed. Jim frequently said before he tested each bucket truck that he said a prayer, "Dear Lord if there is a problem with this truck please let me find it during testing". He had a great sense of humor and smile to light up a room. May God bless and keep him and his family.

Electrical Corona

Corona Photography - Visible light Camera

This image is on a double 12 foot diameter corona ring in light rain with 2 million volts 3-phase.

The picture was taken using a 35mm camera with a synchronous shutter.

Submitted by James R. Booker, P.E.

Corona Imaging - Ultraviolet filtered detector.

This is an image of a non-ceramic insulator with sub-surface carbon tracks and contamination on the sheds. This is an image taken with the highest sensitivity type low-light corona camera and provided by CSIR, the CoroCAM manufacturer.

Corona Imaging - Daylight Corona Camera

This is an image of a good suspension insulator with the power arc flash-over voltage of 80kV applied. This insulator may normally have 25 to 35 kV working voltage. This is an image taken with the highest sensitivity daylight corona camera and provided by Specialized Camera Sales, the CoroCAM 504 daylight corona camera distributor in North America.

. . .
Corona Image & Ultrasound Video

Corona Imaging - Daylight Corona Camera

Damage Assessment Imaging - Infrared & Daylight Corona Camera

Technology has incorporated Infrared into the Daylight corona image, an exclusive advancement that will allow immedaite damage assessment, save time scanning with two cameras and trying to integrate the information, aerial and substation surveys will recognize the immedaite gains.

Corona Technology Course Brief Description

The Corona Technology Course website welcomes you.

Learn about corona with the Corona Technology Course in a live presentation to your group of up to 25 attendees at your location, Corona Technician exams given at conclusion of course.

Learn about corona with the course on 3 DVD's and the course book which are available now for only $250 per set by calling 1-800-531-6232 or email Learn from experts who make there living looking for corona everyday.

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CTC Course Info

Dan Ninedorf, Course Coordinator Contact Ox Creek Energy about Exclusive Presentation
Corona Technology Course complies with ASNT-TC-1A & awards 1.5 C.E.U. Corona Technology Course recognized by NETA with 16 instruction hours


Corona, flash-over and a "power arc" are steps in an outage sequence. The course instructor can explain the characteristics and with this training will help you to identify problems present and how to predict the components life-span and correct the source. Don't let expensive outages of your generation and transmission system ruin your bottom line, after line restoration reinspect to look for other imminent faults, starting a program for predictive maintenance of high voltage equipment requires understanding new technologies explained in this course.

The Corona Technology Course (r) addresses the present need for the dissemination of high voltage predictive maintenance and forensic knowledge about the causes of corona, flashover and arcing conditions in the high voltage industrial and electric utility environment. The course will be 2 days in length. See the Corona Technology Course evaluation from over 100 attendees ranging from Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineer, Government Electrical Service Techs, Infrared Service Techs, substation design engineers, from over 40 electric utilities, ...

The course consists of 14 hours of technical classroom time regarding the electrical power field and at facilities in the distribution voltage thru UHV testing laboratories, consulting and analyzing test results.

About 1 hour of classroom time will be spent with Dan Ninedorf doing "hands-on" corona test equipment training and explaining all of the latest technologies in test equipment for detecting corona, flash-over and arcing in the class room (or partially in the field.) Dan Ninedorfs resume is also on this site. This is Dan's presentation given at two 2001 infrared conferences.

The remaining approximately 1 hour will be spent with the Corona Technician Certification Examination (100 multiple choice) questions. Following completion of the exam there is a instant review of the exam, so you know the right answers before you leave the class. This is your opportunity to achieve this status by learning about high voltage.

Custom Corona Technology Courses exclusively for your company or organization can also be scheduled by contacting us at 1-800-531-6232 or by Email.

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which will publish regularly by free Email subscription to those people in the high voltage industry to provide information about new sources of information about corona, flash-over, or arcing. Feb 12, 2001 marks the first light of day for the CoronaGram 1.

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